Question by Mary Jones: Are you having a street party for the Royal Wedding ?

5671691535_f65b1b6bac_mHave you seen the rules for it as issued by HMG

1. Ensure you have permission to close the Road
2. Street Parties may only be held on minor Roads and cannot be held on Main roads or Bus routes
3. You Must inform your Neighbours of your intention to hold a Street party and make note of any objections
4.You Must inform your Local Authority Fire Service and Neighbourhood Policing Team
5.Although when closing a Road for a Street Party the risks are perceived to be low providing certain guidelines are followed organisers must obtain Public Liability Insurance for this type of event
6. Organisers must submit an application and a plan of the Street/Road that you propose to use showing where the Roads Closed and Diversion Signs will be places
7. The Organiser Must make someone responsible for collecting returning and putting out the Roads Closed signs diversion signs an barriers Remember only to remove the signs only once you have removed any obstructions from the Road
8. Always ensure there is clear access for the Emergency Services Police Fire and Ambulance place tables and chairs in such away to keep access clear do not block any fire hydrants these are painted yellow
9. Try to use Paper Plates Plastic Glasses, Bottles and cans to prevent Breakages Cuts and Washing up
10. Make sure any Electrical Equipment is connected to an RCD or circuit breaker to prevent any electrical Accidents
11. Make sure any temporary Structures such as a Canopy Gazebo is fastened down properly
12. Ensure you have basic First Aid Kit Materials Available to deal with any minor cuts and grazes
13. Keep Children away from any barbecue and hot cooking equipment put an Adult in charge of the Barbecue
14.Remember the Neighbours if the music is getting to loud turn it down
15. Remember to clear the Street of any Rubbish agree how to do this before your party Don’t forget to recycle what you can
16. Think about what you are going to do if the weather is bad
17. Definition of Small Event i.e (Street Party)
The event is not publicised to the general Public and therefore will not draw people in from the wider area
The Event applies to Residents of one or Two Streets and not to a larger area therefore attendance is anticipated to less than 150 People. There is no amplified entertainment which may cause nuisance to the wider area . There is no Alcohol or food being sold
The Organisers Must obtain Public Liability Insurance

Do you still want to have a street party this was a leaflet that came in the post today and apparently every household in the country will get one I would of thought most if not all of it was commonsense what says you and how much has it cost to have all those leaflets printed and posted

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Answer by Blice
nah going ta 1