Question by annikaskoog2: Commemoration newspapers about Royal Family?
I have a few old newspapers which are all to do with the royal family. Note sure wether to just put them in the recycling or if they are worth anything. I have

-the Daily Telegraph coronation picture supplement from 1953,
-the Evening news & Star about the wedding between princess Alexandra of Kent &Angus James Bruce hon Ogilvy from 1963,
-the Evening News souvenir picture pages marking the occasion of the birth of Prince Andrew 1960
-the Daily Sketch 12 page souvenir picture special about the marriage of Katharine duchess of Kent to His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, 1961
-the Sunday Times (selected picture pages) on the marriage of Princess Margaret 1960
-the Daily Telegraph coronation picture supplement from 1953
-the Eastern Evening News wedding supplement between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson 1986
-and an (unopened) Daily Mirror tribute magazine for the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday

What shall I do with them?

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa R
stick ‘em on eBay…….ya never know